10 Best Murder Mystery Books

Tell No One; Harlan Coben

A newly married couple David Beck and Elizabeth Parker are having a vacation at the Beck Family retreat. They got attacked leaving Beck unconscious, and Elizabeth got kidnapped. Police try to frame Beck for murder.


The Cuckoo’s Calling; Robert Galbraith


Strike, a private investigator, is hired by Bristol to investigate the death of his sister who fell from a balcony. Her death had been covered mostly by the media as suicide. After interviews with several people strikes realizes that there was a lot of mystery in the model’s death which had been earlier reported as suicide.


Six Suspects ; Vikas Swarup


Vivek “Vicky” Rai murders a girl at a restaurant in New Delhi because she refused to serve him a drink. After the acquittal, he held a big party but got killed. Police arrest six suspects with guns. Swarup unravels the motives behind each suspect.


BlueBird, BlueBird; Attica Locker


A black man is found dead in Texas. A few days later, a white woman is also found dead in the same locality. Darren Mathews a ranger a black ranger wants to investigate the murders himself although he is also under suspicion of killing of a white drug dealer.


One of Us Is Lying; Karen M. Mcmanus


It is a murder mystery book set up in a high school. Five students detained in a room while one of them happens to die though no one noticed what happened to him. The books highlights vices that the teens undergoes.


Postmortem; Patricia Cornwell


Dr. Gay Scarpetta wants to use clues to investigate a series of murder in Virginia. The investigation she delves in does not impress her boss. After much trail, the investigation zeros in on a 911 dispatcher who later tries to kill her unsuccessfully.


Kiss the Girls; James Patterson


It’s a thriller involving two serial killers Casanova and the Gentleman Caller. The book contains tales of murder and kidnaps. Investigators work on the identity to the conclusion.


Secret Place; Tana French


The setting of the book is a girl’s boarding school. The book involves eight girls character who are members of rival cliques. An investigation about a boy who got killed ends inconclusively. A 16 years old girl later provides information which leads to her group for the murder.


Night Film; Marisha Pessl


Stanislas Cordova daughter commits suicide. Her father is thought to have been heavily involved in her death. A journalist and an actress take up the investigations. Interviews conducted reveal what killed her was beyond natural and scientific explanation.


Lovely Bones; Alice Sebold


The book is about a teenage girl who is murdered by her neighbor as she takes the shortest route from school. Her family initially did not believe that she was dead until a dog finds a bone of her elbow. The daughter’s father suspects the neighbor but the police do not find evidence to link the neighbor.